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US Economy Faces Hit from Climate Change, Report Warns

Coral Davenport and Kendra Pierre-Louis New York Times
Going forward, American exports and supply chains could be disrupted, agricultural yields could fall to 1980s levels by midcentury and fire season could spread to the Southeast, the report finds.

The Contradictions of the #Resistance

Branko Marcetic Jacobin
Jeff Sessions’ tenure as attorney general was vastly more detrimental to democracy and the rule of law than shuttering Mueller’s investigation could ever be. No one should be nostalgic for his tenure.

55 Years Ago, Someone Blamed a Bombing on a Racist Politician

Michael Harriot The Root
George Wallace was a lot like Donald Trump. His racist rhetoric fueled his constituents. His presidential campaign slogan “Stand Up for America” was the 1968 version of “Make America Great Again." Most of all, he invoked hate and racism.
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