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A New Lucas Plan for the Future

David King Morning Star
Forty years ago, shop workers in Britain developed the Lucas Plan to save jobs by converting arms manufacturing to industrial production. The struggle for economic conversion, and against the deskilling of work through computer-controlled technology remains relevant today in the search for solutions to the environmental crisis and the employment crisis.

The Kind of Society we Want

Jeremy Corbyn openDemocracy
Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the British Labour Party on September 12. He gave his first major speech three days later, September 15, to delegate attending the UK's Trade Union Congress, annual gathering three days later on 15 September. He rejected a style of top down leadership, in favor of one that enables everybody, every union branch, every party branch and every union, so we organically develop their strengths, ideas, and imagination.

Offering Model for World, Students in the UK March for 'Free Education'

Jon Queally, staff writer Common Dreams
'We are determined,' said students organizers in a joint letter, 'to build a movement too big to ignore that puts free, accessible and public education back on the political agenda.' Thousands marched supporting those demands yesterday.

Scottish Nationalism and British Nationalism Aren’t the Same

Billy Bragg The Guardian
Some on the left seem to think voting against the Westminster status quo is an act of class betrayal. This is plainly not true. People who can explain in minute detail the many forms of socialism on offer at any demo or conference seem incapable of differentiating when it comes to nationalists.


Biggest Strike in Three Years Sparks Furore Over Tory Plan for Ballot Law

Matthew Taylor, Rowena Mason and Steven Morris The Guardian
Rallies, marches and picket lines were held at schools, council offices and town and city centres across Great Britain and Northern Ireland as public workers protested decline living standards, working conditions and a threat to their right to strike.
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