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This Week in People’s History, Mar 19–25

Supporters of striking hospital workers marching through Charleston, S.C. Hospital Workers Win (in 1969), Virginia Racists Split Hairs (1924), Anti-Racist Education Rules (1969), Protesters Beat the Rap (1969), German Troops in Rome (1944), The Fork Not Taken (1989), An Unemployed Army (1894), Transatlantic Slave Trade

Wages and Prices: Who Is Keeping Up With What?

Dean Baker Center for Economic and Policy Research
Since President Biden took office, the media have run a constant stream of news stories about how high various prices were and telling their audiences that this has led to mass suffering.

Kurt Vonnegut Warned Us About the Dangers of Automation

David H. Price The Progressive
The greatest immediate risk presented to humanity by AI is not robotic control of military weapons, but its application within the logic of capitalism—an alignment that will further relegate human needs as secondary to market forces.

AI, Job Loss, and Productivity Growth

Dean Baker CEPR
The moral of the story is that there is nothing about AI technology that should lead to mass unemployment and inequality. If those are outcomes, it will be the result of how we structured the rules, not the technology itself.
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