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2023: A Year-in-Review

Working In These Times Working in These Times
Illustration of workers on leaning out of train doors with raised fists. 2023 was an explosive year for worker organizing. A decades-in-the-making reform victory at the UAW paved the way for historic contract victories at the Big Three automakers. LA teachers and service workers united around shared community demands.

Starbucks Workers at Over 100 US Stores Walk Out Ahead of Shareholder Meeting

Michael Sainato The Guardian
The actions were launched in response to Starbucks’ aggressive anti-union efforts against worker organizing, which have included allegations of firing dozens of workers in retaliation for union organizing, intimidation, store closures, withholding benefits, schedule cuts and delays in bargaining a first union contract.

The Oscars Were Invented To Breakup Hollywood Unions

David Thomson Vanity Fair
Last week's Oscar's ceremony was groundbreaking and historic, let's look at the origins of the awards 95 years ago. It started when the original Hollywood titans wanted an industry free of unions, of residuals, union benefits, well you get the idea.
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