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Reflecting on 50 Years of Paredon

Barbara Dane Folkways - Smithsonian
In 1970, few record labels were documenting the music that had burst from liberation and resistance movements all over the world. Paredon Records motivation and goals half a century ago - and today - are humans' search for justice, peace, and love.

The Spiritual in the Struggle: A Book Review

Peter Olney The Stansbury Forum
Living Peace: Connecting Your Spirituality with Your Work for Justice, by Victor Narro 2014, a new book on the spiritual side of organizing, is just over 100 pages long. This little volume is broaching a topic that might raise cynical eyebrows in certain quarters in our labor movement. Narro's thesis intrigued me and in the spirit of self-mindedness I read the book and reflected on my own recent experience with ILWU Local 6 and the Campaign for Sustainable Recycling.
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