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No Union Democracy, No Union Revitalization

Chris Bohner Jacobin
Union democracy shouldn’t be seen as an abstract good separate from more important strategic considerations about rebuilding labor. Without democratizing labor, we can’t rebuild labor.


How We Move Forward Together: The Rank & File Project

Abdullah F., Cyn Huang, and Marsha Niemeijer Convergence
By recruiting young radicals to the labor movement, the Rank & File Project hopes to build the base for a politics that can unify the working class around shared interests, & prioritize solidarity & workers’ rights within the workplace & outside it.


Unions Can’t Revitalize Without Rank-and-File Power

Steve Early Jacobin
Within the labor movement, all of the bright ideas and strategic insights in the world won’t amount to much if the democratic rights of union members themselves aren’t respected, restored, and expanded.
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