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They Killed Frank Ordoñez

Joe Allen, Andrew Sernatinger New Politics
The widespread support and touching memorials for Frank Ordoñez reveal the depth of pain and identification with the working conditions that delivery drivers face across the United States.


UPS Contract "Ratified"?

Dave Jamieson Huffington Post
UPS Drivers Voted Down Their Union Contract, But The Teamsters Are Ratifying It Anyway


UPS Contracts Rejected

Alexandra Bradbury Labor Notes
The tentative agreement also does nothing substantial to address drivers’ other big concerns: excessive forced overtime, technological surveillance, and harassment by supervisors.

Despite Local 'No' Votes, Teamsters International Declares UPS Contract Ratified

Jane Slaughter Labor Notes
On April 16 members of Local 89 in Louisville voted no on their supplement for the second time, this time by 94 percent. Members were angry that they spend up to an hour a day—unpaid—on a shuttle that takes them to and from the parking lot to their work stations; the site is that big. They were also demanding that more part-time jobs be converted to full-time ones. Now the five-year contract is ratified—by fiat of the Teamsters international.


Big Brown Waves White Flag

Jane Slaughter Labor Notes
Last month, UPS in New York City fired 250 drivers who had rallied in support of a fired union member. Teamsters Local 804 gained massive public support in favor of the fired workers, and this week UPS agreed to rehire all 250 workers.
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