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How American Democracy Fell So Far Behind

Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt The Atlantic
The country’s Constitution was once the standard-bearer for the world. Today, many other countries have much fairer systems for electing their leaders and passing laws.

Delegitimize the Court

Elie Mystal, Nikolas Bowie, Rhiannon Hamam The Nation
On the final episode of Contempt of Court, Elie Mystal is joined by legal experts Nikolas Bowie and Rhiannon Hamam to understand how we might strip the court of its presumed legitimacy.

Supreme Court Term Limits

Alicia Bannon, Michael Milov-Cordoba Brennan Center for Justice
Staggered 18-year terms would bring regular turnover to the bench. The result would be a Court that better reflects prevailing public values.

Justice Kagan’s Dissent in Student Loan Case

Supreme Court
And that means the Court, by deciding this case, exercises authority it does not have. It violates the Constitution. . . . [T]he majority overrides the combined judgment of the Legislative and Executive Branches. . . . I respectfully dissent . . .
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