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This Week in People’s History, Dec 19–25

Cartoon of automaker bosses squeezing taxpayers dry Is the President a King? (in 2008), Justice for Crimes Against Humanity (1983), A Safe, Legal, Way to Relieve Stress (1913), Where Was OSHA and EPA? (2008), Integrating Carnegie Hall (1938), You Call This "Home Rule"? (1973), Freedom Now! (1848)


Prequel: An American Fight Against Fascism

Joan Burda New York Journal of Books
Maddow's new book surveys pre-WW II fascism in the United States, including the well-known figures in public life who sympathized with or were otherwise associated with the movement.

This Week in People’s History, Dec 12–18

1906 cartoon of a Congolese worker being assaulted by a snake wearing the King of Belgium's crown The Heart of Darkness (in 1903), Racism on the Bench (1893), Terror in Lancaster, Pa. (1763), Physician, Heal Thyself (1973), No Taxation Without Representation (1773), Will Sex Work Ever Be Made Safe? (2003), Cleveland Sinks in Red Ink (1978)

This Week in People’s History, Dec 5–11

Union pickets outside Republic Windows and Doors Factory Si, Se Puede! (in 2008), Exposing FBI Crimes (1973), Bartenders Win Half a Loaf (1948), Great Art at Greater Prices (1933), Don't Forget the Genocide Convention (1948), Don't Forget Human Rights, Either (1948), $1 Million Is Chump Change

This Week in People’s History, Nov 28-Dec 4

Crowd packs NYC's Union Square protesting Tom Mooney's frame-up Tom Mooney Reprieved (in 1918), Oil Embargo Layoffs (1973), Vaccine for Millions (1803), "Unrestrained, Indiscriminate Police Violence" (1968), Monroe Doctrine is Too Old (1823), NYC Says 'No' to Lynch Law (1933), Slavery's Enemies Organize (1833)

This Week in People’s History, Nov 21–27

Striking airline machinists walking off the job Airline Strikers Win (in 1958), Greenhouse Gas Census (2013), Secret Combat Deaths (1918), Gun Control, Anyone? (1993), OSHA Doesn't Crack the Whip (1983), Sojourner Truth, Farewell (1883), Battle or Massacre? (1868)

Should America Keep Celebrating Thanksgiving?

Sean Sherman and Chase Iron Eyes The Nation
Sean Sherman argues that we need to decolonize Thanksgiving, while Chase Iron Eyes calls for replacing Thanksgiving with a “Truthsgiving.”

This Week in People’s History, Oct. 31-Nov.6

A streetcar immobilized by striking workers Strikers win big (in 1913). Strikebreaking's deadly cost (1918). No way to win an election (1968). Reign of terror in Georgia (1868). Better late than never (1988). FBI at its worst (1968). Public health catastrophe (1918).
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