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A New Alliance Could Change Puerto Rican Politics

Rafael Bernabe, Ed Morales Jacobin
The Citizens’ Victory Movement and the Puerto Rican Independence Party are forming a coalition called La Alianza. Their goal: a radical shift in Puerto Rican politics.

This Week in People’s History, Feb 6–12

Cartoon showing Uncle Sam, John Bull, and the Kaiser riding heavily on the shoulders of servants of colorof A Sad Day for Liberty (in 1899), Strikers Kill a Wage Cut (1894), If Men Were Angels (1788), Women Close in on the Right to Vote (1919), The Times They Are a-Changing' (1964), Strikers Shut Seattle Down (1919), Nixon in Crisis (1974)

How a Young Communist Won and Lost Power in Postwar Japan

Chris Dite Jacobin
Today marks a decade since the death of Japanese communist Toshiko Karasawa. Her courageous life is a testament to the revolutionary potential of anti-imperialism, but also the difficult choices faced by the Left in US client states.

This Week in People’s History, Nov 28-Dec 4

Crowd packs NYC's Union Square protesting Tom Mooney's frame-up Tom Mooney Reprieved (in 1918), Oil Embargo Layoffs (1973), Vaccine for Millions (1803), "Unrestrained, Indiscriminate Police Violence" (1968), Monroe Doctrine is Too Old (1823), NYC Says 'No' to Lynch Law (1933), Slavery's Enemies Organize (1833)

This Week in People’s History, June 20 . . .

President Reagan giving a speech about smuggling arms to the Contras CIA impunity in 1988. U.S. imperialism's baby steps in 1898. Free speech for Nazis in 1978. U.S. responsibility for Vietnam War in 1971. Smallpox-infected presents in 1763. Voting wrongs, not rights, in 2013. Haymarket prisoners pardoned in 1893.

Frederick Douglass and American Empire in Haiti

Peter James Hudson Boston Review
Toward the end of his life, Frederick Douglass served briefly as U.S. ambassador to Haiti. The disastrous episode reveals much about the country’s long struggle for Black sovereignty while always under the threat of U.S. empire.

Palestine Rises Up: “Our Hope Is Stronger than Despair”

Lara Kiswani Organizing Upgrade
Palestinians demonstrating At the end of the day Israel is a tool (and Palestine is terrain) of U.S. imperialism. We fight for the dignity and liberation of our people from here to our homelands. We need to be working to build power, not just support.
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