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The Rich Stalwarts of Liberal Democracy and the Mask They Wear

Pankaj Mishra London Review of Books
The Obama Administration’s UN Ambassador Samantha Power, with Henry Kissinger. Pankaj Mishra reviews two books on the liberal democratic response to the rule of Trump. While one author aims to beat the right-wing populists at their own game, the other seeks to reinstate socialism as an “ethical ideal and political objective.”


The People vs Democracy

Lloyd Green The Guardian
Yascha Mounk argues that democracy and liberalism are not synonymous and counsels Americans to look to the examples of Hungary, India and Turkey.

Letter to "The Nation" from a Young Radical

Bhaskar Sunkara The Nation
Liberalism—including much of what’s published in this magazine—seems well-intentioned but inadequate. The solution lies in the re-emergence of American radicalism.
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