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Henoko-Oura Bay Coastal Waters: Japan’s First Hope Spot

Hideki Yoshikawa World Beyond War
protestors In designating the Henoko Oura Bay Coastal Waters as Japan’s first Hope Spot, Mission Blue has confirmed that the area is a special place on par with other natural wonders and Hope Spots around the world.

Too Few Are Looking at the Growing Civilian-Military Divide in the US

Lawrence Wilkerson Lobe Log
U.S. soldier exits a helicopter. President Trump says he is against endless wars, but his actions prove otherwise. So, while the best way to smooth over the dangerous civil-military divide is to end the US’ imperial wars, such an end is nowhere in sight and the divide is growing.

November 11: Remembering the Tragedy and Legacy of World War 1

H Patricia Hynes Portside
troops from WW1 in a trench As a country, the US has moved from being a reluctant, late entrant into World War 1 to being the premier merchant of death in weapons sales and premier militarist nation, engaged in a perpetual state of war waged from an empire of military bases.

Reclaim Armistice Day!

United for Justice and Peace & Veterans for Peace United for Justice and Peace & Veterans for Peace
November 11 was proclaimed Armistice Day after World War I. But during the Korean War, the Congress rebranded it “Veterans Day” and turned the meaning on its head.
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