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The Stories War Tells Me

Rory Fanning
So many years later, fragmented memories from my time in Afghanistan still flood my head when I least expect them. Sometimes, I’ll push them out quickly; other times, particularly since my kids were born, they just won’t leave.

Who Is a Hero?

Lawrence Wittner History News Network
When soldiers are idolized, respect for militarism and war grow accordingly. Military training, military expenditures, military intervention, and military escalation become ways to “support the troops” or, at the least, take on a friendlier glow.

What to Black People is the National Anthem?

Lisa Brock Praxis Center
On Veterans day, the idea of the veteran was touted by POTUS and his supporters as an emotional counterweight to the protesting athletes. Dr. Lisa Brock reminds us that African Americans have historically had a conflictual relationship with US militarism.


Veterans and the Minimum Wage

Elena Holodny Business Insider
Approximately 1.8 million veterans in payroll jobs across the US would get a raise if Congress raised the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2024. Nearly two-thirds of the veterans who would get the raise are age 40 or older, over 60% have some college experience, and nearly 70% work full time. The real federal minimum wage peaked back in 1968.

Labor's Stake in the Fight for Veterans' Health Care

Suzanne Gordon and Ian Hoffmann Labor Notes
A grassroots resistance to Trump Administration VA privatization schemes is being mounted by AFGE union members many of whom, at the VA, are veterans themselves,

The Volunteer Army and What We Really Mean When We Salute the Troops

Barrett Swanson The Guardian
The U.S. has now effectively traded a universal military draft for the far more insidious policy of economic conscription. And while it has become something of a ritual for civilians to address veterans with: “Thank you for your service,” to commend those who have voluntarily put themselves in harm’s way, the ritual also betrays a more profound reality. We are thankful we ourselves aren’t economically desperate enough to have to enlist in this country’s endless wars.


The War He Survived Was Vietnam

Michael Yates CounterPunch
Liberal opinion holds that the Vietnam War was a mistake. The right continues to see it as a noble cause. Author Michael Uhl calls the slaughter in Vietnam planned and deliberate, saying that the United States would not tolerate then or now efforts by people in the Global South to escape the imperialist trap. Uhl writes as a participant, first as an intelligence officer and then as an historian, to paint a merciless and highly detailed picture of US policy at its rawest.
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