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Israel’s Vietnam—And Ours

Van Gosse The Nation
Everything that Israel is doing to the people of Gaza—especially killing civilians through intensive aerial bombardment—was prefigured during the American “ground war” in Vietnam.

Martin Luther King – a Video Selection 1954 – 1968

Martin Luther King's speeches from 1954's Montgomery Bus Boycott to the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike. Compiled by Abdul Alkalimat, Prof Emeritus Dept of African American Studies and School of Information Sciences, Univ of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

MAGA’s Revanchist Roots: A Tale of Tropes

Jerry Lembcke CounterPunch
Signs that MAGA is enmeshed in post-Vietnam War culture begin with its namesake. Make America Great Again is an adoption of Ronald Reagan’s assertion that it was “Morning in America Again,” - the country was moving on from its Vietnam War nightmare.

This Week in People’s History, Dec 26-Jan 1

Ebola-related Personal Protective Equipment training session for healthcare workers Ebola Alarm Ignored (in 2013), Ma Rainey's Swan Song (1928), Endangered Species Act Too Young to Die (1973), Sinking Ship No Place for Rats (1958), Is THIS Emergency Response? (2013), Think Before You Drive (1938), Ho Chi Minh's Popularity (1963)


Parade Rest

Joseph Zaccardi Slipstream
California poet Joseph Zaccardi reminds us that war veterans carry their burdens through their lifetimes.

The Enduring Limits of American Power

John Feffer Foreign Policy in Focus
The decline of U.S influence should not feed the narrative that anarchy has been loosed upon the world. The choice is not between a U.S.-led world and a Joker-led world.

This Week in People’s History, Oct. 17–23

Demonstrators outside the White House calling for Nixon's impeachment Nixon's corporate funders guilty (in 1973). World's first video game (1958). Raves for Robeson's Othello (1943). Saturday Night Massacre (1973). Demonstrators shut down Tokyo's trains (1968). The truth hurts (1963). Fortress Germany (1938).



W.D. Ehrhart
Among the many things the USA left behind in Vietnam, besides pride, remains safely underground.

This Week in People’s History, Oct. 3-Oct. 9

A poster advertising the 1963 Freedom Vote in Mississippi Exercising the right to vote in Mississippi (in 1963). Air travel revolutionized (1958). Feds can't prove their case (1918). Markets plummet (1973). A new way of walkin' (1923). Deadly influenza (1918). None dare call it mutiny (1971)
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