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Shelby County Opened the Door to Modern-Day Poll Taxes

Michael Podhorzer Weekend Reading
Voter suppression is the modern-day version of poll taxes. The idea that there is an “acceptable” level of voter suppression is antithetical to what it means to live in a pluralistic democracy with equal voting rights for all.

The Georgia Indictment Speaks to History

David Firestone New York Times
Ms. Willis in trying to tell the full story, made sure the high cost paid by lesser-known figures was also recorded. Specifically, the indictment focuses on the outrageous accusations made against Ruby Freeman, the Atlanta election worker singled out

White Minority Locks Out First Black Mayor of Newbern, Alabama

Equal Justice Initiative Equal Justice Initiative
Patrick Braxton, first Black mayor of Newbern, small town in Alabama’s Black Belt region, filed federal civil rights lawsuit alleging the white former mayor and city council members violated the Constitution when they locked him out of the Town Hall
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