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Trumpism’s Global Strategy

Calvin Cheung-Miaw and Max Elbaum Organizing Upgrade
Trump is wedded to a racist and non-reality-based view of the United States' relationship to the rest of the world. But we also need to pay attention to the geopolitical calculations of the U.S. elite overall to craft an anti-war strategy.

The Pentagon Budget as Corporate Welfare for Weapons Makers

William D. Hartung Tom Dispatch
What company gets the most money from the U.S. government? Weapons maker Lockheed Martin. It took in $35.2 billion from the government, or close to what the Trump administration is proposing for the 2019 State Department budget. Boeing, in second place, with a mere $26.5 billion. When it comes to the Department of Defense, perhaps we should retire the term “budget” altogether, given its connotation of restraint. Can't we find another word entirely? Like the Pentagon cornucopia?
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