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The Palestinian Struggle for Labor Rights in Israel

Jaclynn Ashly Jacobin
Palestinian workers whose underpaid labor provides part of Israel’s low-cost workforce. Their stories of organizing amid ethnic cleansing shed light on how this work is a crucial lifeline for Palestinians — now severed by the devastation of war.

The Great Rupture in American Jewish Life

Peter Beinart New York Times
For the last decade or so, an ideological tremor has been unsettling American Jewish life. Since Oct. 7, it has become an earthquake. It concerns the relationship between liberalism and Zionism....

The Missing News About Gaza

Alexei Sisulu Abrahams The Nation
To understand Palestine and Israel, we need more coverage of the everyday structural violence of occupation. Disinformation involves lying by commission. Decontextualization, on the other hand, is about lying by omission.

West Bank Settler Extremists Widen Campaign Against Palestinians

Taylor Luck and Fatima AbdulKarim Christian Science Monitor
Having driven most of the nomadic Bedouin from their land, the extremist settlers are increasingly targeting Palestinian towns and villages, encroaching on densely populated areas and inciting larger-scale brawls.
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