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The New Face of Power Is Taking Shape

Rebecca Traister The Cut
Tuesday’s results were perfectly coherent, a fight over two concepts central to our nation’s origins, its progress, and its future: the promises of and restrictions on political representation and political enfranchisement.

Douglas and Lochte - A Tale of Black and White; White Male Privilege at Play; Open Letter to Gabby Douglas

Toni Smith; Emma Gray
White male privilege is why we laugh at Lochte and vilify Douglas. Pay close attention to the words being used to describe them. A small angry minority is often effective at appearing to be the majority opinion. And the truth is, they aren't. They don't represent the millions of others who support Gabby Douglas. There was then, and still is, so much love, inspiration and joy for you and because of you - as an athlete, a person, a black girl, a black woman.
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