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The Long Hand of Slave Breeding, Redux

JoAnn Wypijewski CounterPunch
Unfinished in 1865 and unfinished today, the 13th Amendment says to every woman: You are heir in your person to a promise of universal freedom, that recognizes an individual’s right to her life, her labor, her body and self-possession all as one.

Justice Alito’s Invisible Women

Linda Greenhouse New York Times
If a half-century of progress toward a more equal society, painstakingly achieved across many fronts by many actors, can be so easily jettisoned with the wave of a few judicial hands, the problem to worry about isn’t the court’s. It’s democracy’s. It’s ours.

How Did Abortion Rights Come to This?

Carol Hanisch Meeting Ground Online
Based on “privacy” rather than a woman’s right to control her reproduction, Roe v. Wade was never the "free, safe, legal, and accessible" abortion solution for all women that the Women’s Liberation Movement began fighting for in the 1960s.

Sudanese Women on the Front Lines of the Resistance

Hala Al Karib Africa is a Country
Sudanese women took part in the revolution in large numbers for the same reasons they are now part of the resistance against this treacherous coup: Their human rights are at stake.

Occupation Failed Afghanistan. Our Struggle for Freedom Continues.

Malalai Joya Il Manifesto
The only way to save Afghanistan is solidarity of the progressive, democratic and secular forces. We want an Afghanistan free from fundamentalists and foreign intervention, in which men and women have equal rights based on democracy.
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