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Blue-Collar Dan Osborn Against Nebraska’s Establishment

Steve Early Barn Raiser
In his campaign for the U.S. Senate, Osborn, who led a prominent labor strike against Kellogg’s in 2021, plans to bring together a coalition of farmers, union laborers and small business owners

UAW Strikers Have Scored a Historic, Transformative Victory

Nelson Lichtenstein Jacobin
With its successful strike, UAW broke with decades of concessions, won on pay and workplace democracy, and launched a new national labor leader. There’s much more organizing to be done, but this is an unmitigated victory for the entire working class.

Marxism & Class

Helena Sheehan MR OnLine
The working class should not be positioned as the most vulnerable in need of help, but as those who labour and deserve a just distribution of the fruits of their labour. The working class comes not with a begging bowl, but with a clear strong voice.
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