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Prequel: An American Fight Against Fascism

Joan Burda New York Journal of Books
Maddow's new book surveys pre-WW II fascism in the United States, including the well-known figures in public life who sympathized with or were otherwise associated with the movement.

When ‘Never Again’ Becomes a War Cry

Natasha Roth-Rowland +972 Magazine
In an Israeli war that has been retrofitted onto a Holocaust template, it is obscene that a plea to stop further killing is now read as moral failure.


A Newly Translated Novel Captures the Tragedy of Greek Communism

Tadhg Larabee Jacobin
Written in 1972, during Greece’s military junta, leftist Marios Chakkas’s recently translated novel The Commune is a mournful testament from a world where the stakes of politics were communism or fascism, democracy or dictatorship.


The Writers Who Went Undercover To Show America Its Ugly Side

Samuel G. Freedman The Atlantic
In the 1940s, a series of books tried to use the conventions of detective fiction to expose the degree of prejudice in postwar America. Their books — along with Sinatra’s song and film; Richard Wright’s memoir, coincided with a surge of activism.

Partisans Had the Courage To Invent a New World

Luciana Castellina Il Manifesto Global
Can it be enough to denounce the evils of the past? I believe it’s not enough if we fail to rise up in protest against the fact that democracy -- in the name of which so many young partisans went to fight, has become marked by inequality and arrogance of the powers-that-be – is unable to make obvious the reasons why it was the bitter enemy of Fascism.


Comic Books as Propaganda

Hank Kennedy New Politics
The author is strongest when he deals with the government’s direct attempts to influence public opinion through comics either through the Writers’ War Board (WWB) of World War II or the creation of propaganda comics during the early Cold War.
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