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Tidbits - November 2, 2017 - Reader Comments: U.S. Troops in Africa; Indonesian Slaughter; Puerto Rico Recovery; NAACP: Avoid Flying American Airlines; Stevie Wonder; Japanese Internment - Exhibit, Film, Lessons for Today; and more...

Reader Comments: U.S. Armed Forces in Africa - Why?; 1965 Indonesia Slaughter; Puerto Rico Recovery, by Puerto Ricans; Whitefish Energy Scandal; NAACP Urges Black Passengers to Avoid Flying American Airlines; Stevie Wonder Sang the National Anthem on His Knees; Lost Mural by Secret Communist Unearthed; Abortion Resources; Then They Came For Me - Chicago exhibit until November 19; Join George Takei for premiere of "And Then They Came for Us"; and more.....

Lynching and Antilynching: Art and Politics in the 1930s

M. Lee Stone M. Lee Stone Fine Prints
Art dealer, M.Lee Stone has put together an incredible exhibit of 1930's prints that deal with the reality of lynchings of African Americans. "The lynchings of the past are still with us today only in a different form. Black communities across the country are the scenes of mass incarcerations and the disproportionate sentencing of people of color as well the indiscriminate shooting by the police of black persons that we see and hear about too frequently.

Paul Robeson -- Ballad for Americans

Written by John La Touche, with music by Earl Robinson, as part of a WPA theatre project in 1939, Ballad for Americans was first performed by Paul Robeson. The song emphatically asserts the democratic character of Amerian nationality from class, ethnic and racial, and religious angles, declaring that to be American is to be "Irish, Negro, Jewish, Italian, French and English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Polish, Scotch, Hungarian, Litwak, Swedish, Finnish, Canadian, Greek and Turk and Czech ... and lots more." For more Songs of Immigration, Deportation and Identity, go here.
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