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Information is power. Our mission at Portside is to seek out and to provide information that empowers you -- that empowers the left. Every day we search hundreds of sources to connect you with the most interesting, striking and useful material. Just once a year we appeal to you to contribute to make it possible to continue this work. Please help.


A Thank You to the Readers of Portside

The Portside moderators send our heartfelt thanks to our readers, for coming through in response to our annual appeal! This year our readers responded with the largest amount in contributions ever - nearly $19,000.

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The number of readers has grown - and so has the number of donors and monthly sustainers. This makes a huge difference to Portside, and the work of our all-volunteer moderators. Being able to make expansions to the Portside project is great, but knowing that we have your full support is the proof that we are accomplishing our goals.

Plans we discussed in the past are now coming to fruition. These include a daily Portside digest - which we are calling Portside Snapshot. This will include all the features we offer - the five daily Portside posts, the daily Portside Labor, and the soon-to-be, daily Portside Culture posts. Included will be our regular features: the weekly Friday Nite Videos, the biweekly Media Bits & Bytes and Dispatches From the Culture Wars, and our weekly Tidbits (notes and announcements from readers).

Sometime in February, Portside Snapshot will launch. Shortly after, so will Portside Culture - one post daily, starting with posts on books, movies, poetry, and food; and with plans to cover other genres in the near future. More news on these soon!

Portside asks our readers for support once a year. We are able to do this only once a year, because you - our readers - continue to respond in such a great way; and because all of us working on Portside are volunteers. We like what we do, and do it for you and others. If you have not yet contributed, or want to join the ranks of our sustainers, you can do so by clicking here. On our secure server, you can make a contribution of whatever amount you can afford - we know these are hard times. Your contribution goes a long way in helping us do the work of Portside.

Again, many thanks from the left side of the ship - the portside.
The Moderators of Portside, Portside Labor and Portside Culture -

Mark Allen, Judy Atkins, Peter N. Carroll, Barry Cohen, David Cohen, Ira Cohen, Jeannette Ferrary, Marti Garza, Greg Heires, Michael Hirsch, Geoffrey Jacques, Will Jones, Alice Kim, Stephanie Luce, Ray Markey, Leanna Noble, Carol Pittman, John P. Pittman, Natalie Reuss, Nan Rubin, Meredith Schaffer, Jay Schaffner, Kurt Stand, Ethan Young