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'a new level of unity'

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'We haven't given up hope on the UN climate negotiations, but these meetings were a particular travesty, and we know that they won't make significant process until we can stand up to the fossil fuel industry and break their stranglehold over our governments and economies.

'The breadth and scope of today's walkout was an unprecedented development in the UN process. Individual groups have marched out of UN climate negotiations in the past (I've lost track of how many times groups like Friends of the Earth or have marched, protested, or gotten kicked out of meetings). But never before have so many groups, from giant NGOs like the World Wildlife Federation to people's movements from across the Global South, marched out together with a unified voice. Today's action was a small one - walking out of a conference - but it signified a new level of unity in the global climate movement.'

Jamie Henn
Communications Director