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We Are Proud of this "African-American" President

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'Many African descendants in the region are certainly mourning the passing of President Chavez. He represented a refreshing lesson on upholding human rights, rather than talking about them, through his prioritisation of African descendent issues and politics, not only within Venezuela, but also outside of Venezuela.

'Many of us will remain attentive to what the near future of Venezuela holds for it in the next few days and months, to view and see how either a continuum of the current government and leadership or a new government will continue to uphold the strides that were accomplished by President Chavez.

'And although he has left this life to join the ancestors, we know that he will always be with us. We are proud of this "African-American" president and with his example we will continue to uphold the principles that he stood for as we struggle for a new world free from domination and oppression.'

Janvieve Williams Comrie, executive director
of the Latin American and Caribbean
Community Center, formerely with
the Office of the High Commissioner of
Human Rights Central America Regional
Office and the US Human Rights Network.