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Information is power. Our mission at Portside is to seek out and to provide information that empowers you -- that empowers the left. Every day we search hundreds of sources to connect you with the most interesting, striking and useful material. Just once a year we appeal to you to contribute to make it possible to continue this work. Please help.

Asking for Your Help; We Made Changes to Help our Fight

Like everyone, we’ve been straining to keep up with astounding developments over the past year. We've also made a lot of changes, to create better tools to help meet the needs of the moment. So if you haven't donated yet, it's not too late.

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Dear Reader of Portside,

At Portside, we've been straining (like everyone) to keep up with astounding developments over the past year.

We've also been working to populate Portside with better tools to meet the moment.

Our priorities have been:

  • Easier sharing. We've redesigned with the aim of making it fast and simple to share anything on Portside (email or website) with anyone, through Facebook, Twitter,
    email, or web. Even by printing! If you haven't done so yet, please put these tools to good use.
  • Easier reading. We've redesigned our typography, layout and color schemes so that everything is easy on your eyes, whether your device is a phone, desktop or tablet, and whether you read Portside on email or at We're continuing to make adjustments, so please send us feedback.
  • Better discovery. More and more convenient links to popular, related and recent material.

We moderators are doing this as volunteers in a movement. Our payment is just the satisfaction of making a difference. Nevertheless, we do have expenses. So if you haven't donated yet, it's not too late. Please give what you can so that Portside can keep going -- and improving -- in the year ahead. This can be a one-time contribution, or you can become a regular sustainer in whatever amount you can afford. [Click here.]  If you would prefer to mail a contribution, please send to the address at the bottom of this email.

Yours in struggle,

The Portside, Portside Labor and Portside Culture crew -

Mark Allen, Judy Atkins, Peter N. Carroll, Barry Cohen, David Cohen, Ira Cohen, Jeannette Ferrary, Marti Garza, Greg Heires, Michael Hirsch, Geoffrey Jacques, Will Jones, Alice Kim, Stephanie Luce, Ray Markey, Leanna Noble, Carol Pittman, John P. Pittman, Natalie Reuss, Nan Rubin, Meredith Schafer, Jay Schaffner, Kurt Stand, Ethan Young


Checks should be made payable to PORTSIDE

Send to:

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