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Information is power. Our mission at Portside is to seek out and to provide information that empowers you -- that empowers the left. Every day we search hundreds of sources to connect you with the most interesting, striking and useful material. Just once a year we appeal to you to contribute to make it possible to continue this work. Please help.


labor Please Help Us End Our Annual Fund Appeal With a Bang!

If you've meant to contribute to support Portside but haven't yet done so, this is your last opportunity for the season. Every year, we ask our readers to support Portside - from Thanksgiving until the end of January. So please act now.

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Dear Portside Labor Reader

Very briefly, here's the case for giving. At Portside, we strained (like everyone) to keep up with one challenge after another over the past year. We're going to redouble our efforts in the coming year.

Because of the work of Portside, a lot of people who are determined to make their own history will have the tools to do it -- the emotional sustenance, the information, the analysis, the connections -- to meet the extraordinary situation we all confront.

We don't know just how events will unfold, but here is what we can promise:

  • We will be your eyes and ears, searching through hundreds of sources, to find the most relevant material. You can count on our 'feed' to sustain you, day after day.
  • We'll filter out fluff and chaff and chatter, and inane punditry.
  • We won't dumb anything down. Or shy away from needed debate. Or narrow our horizons. We respect our readers as people who think for themselves, and who act on what they believe.

We moderators are doing this as volunteers in a movement. Our payment is just the satisfaction of making a difference. Nevertheless, we do have expenses. 

Once a year we conduct a drive, asking our readers to support Portside. So if you haven't donated yet, it's not too late. Please give what you can so that Portside can keep going -- and improving -- in the year ahead. This can be a one-time contribution, or you can become a regular sustainer in whatever amount you can afford. [Click here.]  If you would prefer to mail a contribution, please send to the address at the bottom of this email.

Yours in struggle,

The Portside, Portside Labor and Portside Culture crew -

Mark Allen, Judy Atkins, Peter N. Carroll, Barry Cohen, David Cohen, Ira Cohen, Jeannette Ferrary, Marti Garza, Greg Heires, Michael Hirsch, Geoffrey Jacques, Will Jones, Alice Kim, Stephanie Luce, Ray Markey, Leanna Noble, Carol Pittman, John P. Pittman, Natalie Reuss, Nan Rubin, Meredith Schafer, Jay Schaffner, Kurt Stand, Ethan Young

Checks should be made payable to PORTSIDE

Send to:

355 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY 10001-4839