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Portside Message: A Holiday Like No Other

This holiday season is truly different. Alongside the festivities, battle lines have been drawn. The survival of democracy is at stake. We ask readers for their support once a year. If you like what we do, this is the time to support Portside.

KRON4/San Francisco,

Dear Portside reader,


In the coming year, we promise to deliver information to help win the battle for democracy. Every day we search the Internet for the reporting, argument and analysis that keeps the people's movement going and that makes us all more effective and we share it with you. No pessimism. No evasion.

Please make a contribution, of whatever size you can, to this work.


As you probably know, we moderators of Portside work on an entirely volunteer basis. We work with the same motivation that powers the grassroots of every movement for radical change. We're a movement project, with no ties to corporate money - or any party or organization, for that matter. It’s you and us.

We pledge to keep doing what we've been doing. We ask you to help us by donating to keep our servers running and our website current.


We hope you keep up with our posts every day, covering news, politics, culture, labor and much more. Please let your friends and colleagues know about Portside, and that they can sign up for free here:

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We've been providing the Portside service for going on 20 years, and we are delighted with the thousands of new readers who've joined us, the new media technologies we've been able to deploy and the additional moderators who are dedicated to serving as your eyes and ears in the digital universe. Portside readers are partners in this project, providing recommendations for possible posts, reactions, comments and information. Please keep sending these to either or reader comments.

So this holiday season, eat well. Embrace friends and family. And please make a contribution to keep this project going. We promise to make every donation go a long way toward the future we seek together. We only ask readers for their support once a year. If you like what we do, this is the time to support Portside.


Yours in struggle,

The entire Portside crew

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