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Media Bits and Bytes - August 25, 2020

The digital divide will deprive poor kids of education in the pandemic; Remembering Lorenzo Milam; The tech cold war with China, and more media and tech reports

Youth protests in front of the Department for Education in London over algorithmic exam grades, August 16,credit: Dominika Zarzycka/NurPhoto/PA Images

CNN: ‘Enough!’

By Charlie Nash
August 24, 2020

CNN cut off President Donald Trump’s Republican National Convention speech on Monday, branding his comments “wrong, misleading, or outright lies.”

The Digital Divide in Education

By Moriah Balingit
August 16, 2020
The Washington Post

As coronavirus forces many schools online this fall, millions of disconnected students are being left behind.

Facebook’s Epidemic of Health Lies

By Emma Graham-Harrison and Alex Hern
August 19, 2020
The Guardian

Websites spreading misinformation about health attracted nearly half a billion views on Facebook in April alone, as the coronavirus pandemic escalated worldwide, a report has found.

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Our Algorithmic Future

By David Beer
August 21, 2020

The backlash against how an algorithm was used to decide people’s exam results and the unevenness of the outcomes for people from different backgrounds gives us an insight into the ongoing tussle over our algorithmic future.

TikTok Sues US

By Jodi Xu Klein
August 24, 2020
South China Morning Post

TikTok sued the US government on Monday over an executive order that would ban the popular short-form video-sharing app in the United States. It was the app’s strongest opposition yet in an escalating battle with Trump.

The Tech Cold War

By Samuel Shen and Josh Horwitz
August 20, 2020

As the U.S.-China “tech war” widens, investors are betting on China’s efforts to replace U.S. technologies with indigenous applications to run networks in the state sector.

Ad Sales in Free Fall

By Brian Steinberg
August 18, 2020

Several influential marketers have yanked their commercials off prominent social platforms, worried that lax rules about content mean their ads run alongside polarizing comments, distasteful screeds and social posts aimed at manipulating the masses.

The Risks of Twitter

By Bill Grueskin
August 18, 2020
Columbia Journalism Review

Calling out your colleagues on Twitter can get results. But it also has risks.

Remembering Lorenzo Milam

By Nan Rubin
August 14, 2020

Lorenzo was in large part responsible for creating a national movement that launched hundreds of grassroots radio stations, touched thousands of lives and warped the shape of public broadcasting forever.