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poetry The Supreme Abortion

Did the Supreme Court overstep the definitions of the word “abortion” in the great leak of secrecy? Ask poet Lavinia Kumar.

The Supreme Abortion

By Lavinia Kumar

No one

Confessed or squealed

The babe was dripped, not leaked.

Did the French letter have a hole?

Don’t tell.


In Court,

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No leak of Roe –

No trust in settled law.

Was the IUD aborted?

Don’t tell.

 The pill’s

Bitter poison

Sure to gag young women.

The law’s cold still-birth not controlled?

Don’t tell.

Lavinia Kumar’s latest book is Spirited American Women: Early Writers, Artists, & Activists –very short prose biographies of near 90 amazing women (mostly pre-Civil War) writers, poets, publishers, painters, artists, abolitionists, early suffragettes, and activists. She has also published 3 poetry books and 4 chapbooks. Her website is