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Have We Forgotten…Afghanistan

H Patricia Hynes Portside
The US 20-year war and occupation in Afghanistan, waged to avenge the September 11 terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people, has taken the lives of more than 71,000 Afghani and Pakistani civilians.

Biden to Permanently Seize Afghan Assets

Jon Queally Common Dreams
"I can't think of a worse betrayal of the people of Afghanistan than to freeze their assets and give it to 9/11 families," said one person whose brother was killed on Sept. 11, 2001.

US Sanctions on Afghanistan Could Be Deadlier Than 20 Years of War

Mark Weisbrot Sacramento Bee
Washington and its allies have argued that sanctions are a necessary response to Taliban human rights abuses. But it’s the people, especially the poorest, who pay the price. How many women and girls should be sacrificed to punish the Taliban?

Thanks to US Sanctions, Afghans Are Starving

Luke Savage Jacobin
The plight of the Afghan people was crucial for pundits and journalists — as long as they had a war to defend. Now that US troops are gone, Joe Biden's sanctions are causing starvation and suffering — and the media has been astonishingly silent.
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