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Friday Nite Videos | December 13, 2019

Trump Is "Surprised" He's Being Impeached for Ukraine Scandal. 'A Rapist in Your Path': Chilean Protest Song Becomes Feminist Anthem. America’s Afghanistan Fiasco. Man Climbs Over Trump's Border Wall. How America Fails Its Whistleblowers.


America’s Afghanistan Fiasco

The Washington Post releases a staggering report about the war in Afghanistan that shows an alarming lack of strategy, gross mismanagement of funds and a continued pattern of painting the war as successful from Presidents Bush, Obama and Trump. #TheDailyShow

The USA and Afghanistan: Forty Years of War and Still Counting

Matin Baraki OpenDemocracy
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo After thirty-nine years of war, we must seriously seek new ways to peace. It is time to let the conflict be resolved by Afghans, in Afghanistan, and in Afghanistan’s national interests. The following theses might serve as a basis for discussion.
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