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Global Left Midweek – Asia Focus

Palestinian voices and news from around Asia

A packed crowd of nearly 700 Jews and Arabs took part in a solidarity convention organized by the movement Standing Together in Haifa, on October 30, 2023. Credit , Uri Weltmann/Facebook
  1. Israel’s Antiwar Movement
  2. Bangladesh Garment Workers
  3. Myanmar: Resistance Government Includes Rohinja
  4. Perspectives on the Gaza Siege
  5. Palestinian Voices
  6. Afghanistan Feminist Looks Forward 
  7. Okinawans Between US and China
  8. Malaysian Socialist Leader Busted
  9. World March of Women Meets in Ankara
  10. Making Amazon Pay in 30 Countries


Israel’s Antiwar Movement

Alasdair Soussi / Al Jazeera (Doha)

Activists in Israel say that as right-wing, pro-war voices dominate the social discourse, their work has never felt more important.

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Bangladesh Garment Workers

South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)

Bangladeshi police clashed with thousands of garment workers demanding fair wages for the clothing they make for major Western brands, a day after similar protests left at least two people dead. Police said tens of thousands of workers at dozens of factories had launched strikes in Ashulia and Gazipur, the country’s largest industrial city.

Myanmar: Resistance Government Includes Rohingya

Ali MC / Al Jazeera

The anti-junta National Unity Government continues to press on with governmental business and to build international support, largely from outside the nation’s borders. Significantly, the NUG has implemented a cultural and political shift within its ranks, first appointing an openly gay minister Aung Myo Min into the human rights cabinet and a Rohingya, Aung Kyaw Moe, as their deputy.

Perspectives on the Gaza Siege

Palestinian Voices

Afghanistan Feminist Looks Forward 

Malalai Joya and Dick Nichols / Links (Sydney)

In Afghanistan, the progressive forces were always under suppression. Anyone who raised their voice got eliminated or they had to leave the country. Several assassination attempts were committed against me, and all sorts of obstacles placed before me because of what I was doing. Of course, I was not alone. 

Okinawans Between US and China

C. Douglas Lummis / Jacobin (New York)

With growing talk of a possible conflict over Taiwan, the US and Japanese governments have put Okinawa at the heart of their war strategies. But the island’s people have suffered enough from great-power militarism and are organizing their own peace movement.

Malaysian Socialist Leader Busted

Anish R M / Peoples Dispatch (New Delhi)

In northwestern Malaysia, three members of the Parti Sosialis Malaysia and a farmer were violently arrested, as farmers of Kanthan protested attempts by the officials of the state Lands and Mines Office (PTG) to evict nearly 200 people from lands they have been cultivating for generations. Among those arrested was PSM chairman Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj. 

World March of Women Meets in Ankara


Twenty-five years after the inception of the organization of the World March of Women, the 13th International Meeting experienced intense days of political education and debate about action areas, its political agenda, and organizing strategies. The final declaration of the meeting looked back on the slogan of its first demonstrations: “bread and roses.”

Making Amazon Pay in 30 Countries

Aletha Adu / The Guardian (London)

Amazon workers have revealed plans to hold strikes and protests on Black Friday in more than 30 countries including the UK. The day of action, to be held on 24 November, was announced in Manchester at the first Make Amazon Pay summit of trade unionists and political leaders.