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Banned by Germany

Yanis Varoufakis Project Syndicate
Germany prohibited a Palestinian Congress from taking place, arrested its Jewish supporters, and barred one of its organizers, former Greek finance minister, from entering the country: Powerful evidence Germany's pro-Israel Consensus is breaking down


Journalist Casualties in the Israel-Gaza War

CPJ Committee to Protect Journalists CPJ Committee to Protect Journalists
“.......journalists have been paying the highest price— their lives—to defend our right to the truth. Each time a journalist dies or is injured, we lose a fragment of that truth,” said CPJ Program Director Carlos Martínez de la Serna.

Irremediable Defeat: On Israel’s Other Unwinnable War

Ramzy Baroud CounterPunch
The Israeli economy, according to recent data by the country’s Central Bureau of Statistics, has shrunk by over 20 percent in the fourth quarter of 2023. Moreover, the army is struggling, fighting an unwinnable war without realistic goals.

How Israel Turned a Teacher Into a Traitor

Oren Ziv 972 Magazine
Social media posts about Oct. 7 got him fired, arrested, and thrown in jail. Now, Meir Baruchin faces a fight to return to a school that wants him gone.

Rashid Khalidi on This Moment in Palestinian History

Peter Beinart, Rashid Khalidi Beinart Notebook
Peter Beinart hosts Columbia Professor Rashid Khalidi America’s most eminent historian of the Palestinian people and the Palestinian struggle on "This Moment in Palestinian History.”
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