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New Group Launches to Harness Political Power of Women

Julie Pace AP News
Dubbed Supermajority, the group, which describes itself as multiracial and intergenerational, has a goal of training and mobilizing 2 million women over the next year to become organizers and political leaders in their communities.

A National Grassroots Network Goes All In To Defeat Trump

Isaiah J. Poole Campaign for America's Future
At the People's Assembly, Alicia Garza said that her decision about who to vote for would be based on choosing “the battlefield that is most advantageous for us to move the vision that we want,” backing the candidate that allows us “to embrace our biggest vision of what’s possible” while insisting “that we deserve a whole lot more.”“I am not voting for candidates,” she said. “I am voting for terrain." See the video at

Black Women's Lives Matter: A Chant Less Often Heard

Andrea Ritchie Ravishly
#BlackWomensLivesMatter. It’s an affirmation that is essential in the face of the reality that Black women’s lives have been consistently devalued and erased. Not only has taking our labor and our lives been part of business as usual throughout this country’s history, so has violating our bodies through systematic criminalization, physical brutality and sexual assault by law enforcement agents, from slave patrols to present day police.
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