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Amazon Pullout

Natasha Lennard The Intercept
This Shows What Anti-Capitalist Organizing and Leftist Politicians Can Do


'Informer': TV Review

Tim Goodman Hollywood Reporter
A taut, twisty new series from Amazon and the BBC touches on race, class, immigration and terrorism.


South Park Season-Finale Recap: Bezos Goes Up in Smoke

Charles Bramesco Vulture
This episode starts in earnest with the simple idea that the online megaretailer Amazon is bad for regular folks. It kills the people working there, such as workplace accident victim turned Marxist lecturer Josh.


Hundreds March on Amazon Fulfillment Center in Minnesota

Bryan Menegus Gizmodo
For the last two years, Amazon has quietly expanded its presence in Shakopee, and worker resentment towards conditions there has grown with it, culminating in today’s protest outside fulfillment center MSP1
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