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“Casablanca” Has a Message for Us Today

Greg Olear Prevail
The first time I saw Casablanca was 1992, The most recent was last night. On each viewing, I notice something I hadn’t seen before, walk away with something new. Casablanca is often described as a romance—and it is. It is a drama. It is a war film...

The Ongoing Popular Responsibility of the Liberation

Alessandro Portelli Il Manifesto Global
April 25 -- marking the victory of the Resistance in Italy over Mussolini and German occupiers -- is the day we remember that the Constitution and anti-Fascism are a daily practice, not an occasional celebration.


Sketches From Spain: Homage to the Abraham Lincoln Brigade

Philip C. Kolin, reviewer Portside
No one is better qualified than Peter Neil Carroll to write a book of memorial poems about the valiant men and women who volunteered for the Abraham Lincoln Brigade to fight the fascists in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939.

Fascism 101: Why We Need To Spell It Out

Walden Bello Foreign Policy in Focus
There is no guarantee that fascism will not triumph, but it will certainly win unless we put ourselves, body and soul, fully and smartly, on the line to stop it


A Newly Translated Novel Captures the Tragedy of Greek Communism

Tadhg Larabee Jacobin
Written in 1972, during Greece’s military junta, leftist Marios Chakkas’s recently translated novel The Commune is a mournful testament from a world where the stakes of politics were communism or fascism, democracy or dictatorship.
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