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Farmers Sell Their Produce

Bridget Shirvell Modern Farmer
The Southside Community Land Trust (SCLT) in Providence, Rhode Island works to give immigrant farmers opportunities to sell what they grow to wholesale markets.

The New Superstitions

Amy Miller Rattle
Oregon poet Amy Miller responds to the “inappropriate behavior” of celebrities, lamenting “the hypervigilance that women live with daily.”

Meet the Original Fascists

Steven Wishnia The Indypendent
History’s first fascist regime violently seized power in Italy in 1922. It continues to inspire the far right a century later.

In Ukraine

Beau Beausoleil
San Francisco poet Beau Beausoleil reminds us that the war in Ukraine goes on, people are dying, all obscured by political shadows and dubious communications.

Staughton Lynd’s Radicalism From Below

Marcus Rediker The Nation
The historian and activist dedicated his life to showing how, and helping, working people not only imagine but build a better world. Working with his partner Alice (Niles) Lynd, he relentlessly sought out new sources of combat and inspiration.