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Bob Moses: Gardener of Minds

C Liegh McInnis Valley Voices: A Literary Review
The poet C. Liegh McInnis pays homage to the great African American activist, Robert Moses who led the campaign for civil rights in 1960s Mississippi and later the Algebra Project committed to education equality.

What Becomes of the Brokenhearted

Gene Seymour Bookforum
Reviewer Seymour, in this reappraisal of this 1967 masterpiece of American and African literature, calls this novel "a what’s-it-to-you red cloak brandished in the collective face of white supremacy."

Leonard Bernstein’s Radicalism

Peter Dreier Dissent
Bernstein used his status as a public figure both to popularize classical music and to support civil rights, the antiwar movement, and other political causes.

The Global Love of Boiled Peanuts

Julia Skinner The Bitter Southerner
The story of boiled peanuts is as complex, fraught, and global as the South itself. To acknowledge the complexity, and challenges, of their history is to acknowledge the ingenuity of the people who worked to preserve their culinary heritage.


William Miller Arkansas Review
New Orleans poet William Miller shines a light on the hard times that afflict our working class and people on the run.

Forbidden Desire in Early Modern Europe

Peter Conrad The Guardian
Historian Noel Malcolm’s survey of gay life in the 15th to 18th centuries debunks many myths, but mostly catalogues the extreme violence perpetrated against those judged to have broken religious doctrine.

Food Was a Focus at COP28. Here’s What You Need To Know

Editors, Modern Farmer Modern Farmer
At the world’s biggest conference on climate change, global leaders tried to make moves for a more sustainable food system.