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San Francisco poet Beau Beausoleil writes a poem each day during the current war in Gaza.

War News

By Beau Beausoleil

I sit at Blue Heron Lake
staring out at the
rippling changing water

Mostly the tourists are gone
and the empty rowboats turn
in half circles as they feel for
the wind over the water

I watch the nearby trees
pull on the roots that have
tied them to their captivity

Loose groups of children
walk by and parts of their
free wandering imagination
stay with me

Later sitting there
I shuddered as the wind
became cold 
and although I couldn't
clearly see past my words 

 i felt the water turn a grayish
cacophony of red

Beau Beausoleil is a poet and activist based in San Francisco, California. His two most recent chapbooks are, The Killing of George Floyd (Intermittent Press 2023) and Poems for Ukraine (Barley Books (UK) 2023). His poem, War News, is from a series of poems written each day during the genocidal war in Gaza. Ninety of these poems have been collected in a free online ebook published by AGITATE! Journal.

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