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Ideas To Postpone the End of the World

Aileen Cassinetto, et al Speak Poetry
California poet Aileen Cassinetto, Laureate of San Mateo, brings ecopoetry to youth activists fighting to save the living planet Earth.



Cynthia Atkins gargoyle, 74
Virginia-based Cynthia Atkins writes about some unexpected consequences of the world-wide brush with death.



Esther Kamkar
Esther Kamkar’s prayer for the dead addresses the vast universality of war’s human tragedy.


Kristallnacht in Tulsa

Philip C Kolin
Mississippi poet Philip Kolin depicts the crushing of the Black community in Tulsa, OK one century ago.


Sensory Details

Todd Friedman Radical Teacher
New York City poet Todd Friedman, a retired high school teacher, observes the silent censorship that aims to protect pupils from themselves or perhaps from the facts of life.


Small Kindnesses

Danusha Laméris Healing the Divide
As plague years continue, California poet Danusha Laméris writes of “brief moments of exchange” that sustain hope and belief in what is holy.


Blood on the Fog

Lou Fancher East Bay Express
Tongo Eisen-Martin’s latest book of poems challenges whiteness and the status quo with a strong revolutionary practice.



Ann Hudson Spoon River Poetry Review
“We think what we can’t see can’t hurt us,” says poet Ann Hudson about environmental pollution. Think again.


Applying for AFDC

Applying for AFDC Hudson Review
Applying for welfare support, the poet Lucille Lang Day discovers a shifting identity—the anxious applicant, the gaudy outfit she wears, the mirror between.
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