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Hypocrites: Innocents Now Rule!!

Francine Tyler
Inspired by student outrage at the link between politicians and the National Rifle Association, the poet find hope in the no-longer-so-innocent next generation.


Audre Lorde’s ‘Your Silence Will Not Protect You’

Bridget Minamore The White Review
Audre Lorde (1934-1992) was one of the most significant U.S. writers of the last quarter of the 20th Century. She described herself as "Black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet." This new collection of her poetry and prose allows readers to remind themselves of her thought and its significance.


After All, the Market Runs on Greed

Nicholas Gordon
After all, the New Jersey-based poet Nicholas Gordon writes, Washington and Wall Street move up and down on one principle--why be surprised? what did you expect?—Greed!


Dear Miss Jeantel:

Lolita Stewart-White Heartjournalonline
Florida-based poet Lolita Stewart-White addresses the paradox of race hatred that seems never to go away.



Mary Anna Dunn Tar River Poetry Review
Reflecting contemporary tensions that explode into violence, Virginia poet Mary Anna Dunn explores the failures of imagination to create resolution.



Esther Cohen
Asked to addressed the word “resistance,” New York poet Esther Cohen responds “courage,” which is not what the teacher expects, which helps define “resistance.”


The Great Urban Indian Poem

Kim Shuck Sidewalk NDN
Kim Shuck, current poet laureate of San Francisco, explores the complications-- mixed-up heritages, commercial indifference—of seeing the “Great Urban Indian Poem published “because culture is at its/Root not something that can be sold by chain stores.”



Jeannette Ferrary Samisdat Magazine
As part of the so-called second wave of feminism, Jeannette Ferrary’s “Negatives” captures a woman’s sense of awakening during the 1970s, much as women today raise their voices with renewed anger about male chauvinism.


That’s How It Is

Jared Smith Chiron Review
From the beginning of a day, any day, writes Colorado poet Jared Smith, taking a continental view of people at work, we all go through “the motions” and “the same work has to start and be filled each day…”


Anna Mae

Marsha de la O Antidote for Night
Marsha de la O, a southern California poet, depicts most tenderly the hard wages of environmental pollution.
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