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Friday Nite Videos | April 23, 2021

Why Is America's Justice System So Unfair? Martín Espada | "The Year I Was Diagnosed with a Sacrilegious Heart". How Human-Robot Sex May Become Real. How an Abstinence Pledge Shamed a Generation. The Great Gap in Vaccinations.


My name [Inaudible.]

Patricia Mona Eng Rattle
Responding to the shootings in Atlanta’s Gold Spa, poet Patricia Mona Eng uses online quotes of the shooter against the 911 recordings of the Asian woman calling for help.


Death Rides the Elevator in Brooklyn

Martín Espada Floaters
Martín Espada’s newest collection, Floaters, takes its title from the term used by some Border Patrol police to describe migrants drowned in the Rio Grande.


How to Unbuild a House

Patrick Daly
California poet Patrick Daly writes in the wake of January 6, 2021 about “that other House” endangered by a mob or by “An angry man/red and orange like a flame?”


In This Place (An American Lyric)

Amanda Gorman Split This Rock’s The Quarry: A Social Justice Poetry Database
“There’s a poem in this place--/a poem in America/a poet in every American,” writes Amanda Gorman in a celebration of the varieties of what is an American.



Jericho Brown New York Times
Pultizer-prize winning poet Jericho Brown speaks to this critical moment—“the single item on the agenda”—that inspires hope at “this American hour of our lives.”
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