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The Unreliable Narrator

Peter Neil Carroll
A version of the boy who cried wolf, here now are the consequences of government lies.


Nancy Pelosi tore up Trump's Speech

Beau Beausoleil
San Francisco Poet Beau Beausoleil answers the mysterious question, why did Nancy Pelosi tear up the State of the Union speech?


A non-binary person walked by

Gail Wronsky Pedestal
The southern California poet Gail Wronsky writes with pride (and pleasure and dignity) about her child who no longer passes as a binary daughter.


To Combat Antisemitism, Write a Villanelle

Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach Rattle
Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach wrote this poem in response to the presidential executive order changing the status of “Jew” from a religion or ethnicity to a nationality.



Lynne Knight Pedestal
The Canadian poet Lynne Knight adds a feminist/ecological turn to Copernicus’s classical paradigm shift about the earth circling the sun.


Callie Barr’s Black Bottom

Malcolm Tariq Georgia Review
The identity of an African American woman Callie, who was William Faulkner’s maid, is seen from different perspectives in Malcolm Tariq’s poem.


Viet Nam is Still With Us

Buff Whitman-Bradley
California poet Buff Whitman-Bradley reminds us that some wars never end.


Corpse of the Revolution

Majid Naficy
The great exiled Persian poet Majid Naficy exposes the continuing pain of Iranian people.

Mark Zuckerberg and I

Brendan Walsh Rattle
“I’ve become obsessed,” writes the poet Branden Walsh, “with trying to understand the compulsions and sickness of a society that believes billionaires are a healthy/natural component of civilization.” He tries here to humanize just one.
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