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Bondage Love

John J. Brugaletta Writer's Almanac
California poet John J. Brugaletta explains the silent magic of Houdini and why the public adores escape artists.


Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory

Alexandra Teague Poetry Northwest
Idaho poet Alexandra Teague takes us back to a child’s innocent, albeit cloudy, view of the world (in contrast to its perverse current state.)



Kathy Engel
“Yet another story” of a black woman “getting shafted by white women” knocks the poet off her feet, literally, and she rises to the continuing struggle.


To a Stranger

Walt Whitman Whitman Archive
Pride Flag Waves Over San Francisco's Gay Pride Parade In this season of gay pride and the varieties of love, Walt Whitman speaks to us on the 200th anniversary of his birth.


Path to Migration

Joseph Zaccardi A Wolf Stands in Water
“When a thought from the past fires the soul,” writes the poet Joseph Zaccardi of a wartime memory, “time is no more.” And yet it clings to the present.


Skin Hymn

Tanuja Wakefield Undersong
Tanuja Wakefield, daughter of Indian immigrants, depicts the anguish and anger of being taunted for the color of her skin.



Peter Neil Carroll North American Review
Peter Neil Carroll’s “Sanctuary” honors the work of Proactiva Open Arms, a non-governmental volunteer group of lifeguards who rescue refugees at sea.


Abe & Jack, Milt, Moe, Dave…

Peter Neil Carroll Chiron Review
Peter Neil Carroll's poetry pays homage to the veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade who left a legacy of fighting fascism.


Brecht’s Poetry: Angry or Evil?

Michael Wood The London Review of Books
An extended ode to the revolutionary German playwright-genius Bertolt Brecht, whose exhaustive new collected poems exalt combating injustice while keeping faith in his fidelity to dissent.
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