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Workers on the Edge

April 7, 2014
The American Prospect
Payroll fraud and the shift to contingent employment are robbing workers of wages, benefits, and job security—and stealing revenues owed to government.

Greece Not Even Getting By

April 7, 2014
Le Monde diplomatique
The jobs aren’t there any more. Anyone lucky enough to find work must accept whatever rate of pay they are offered. There’s nowhere, no way, to fight.

It’s Still Bad for the Long-Term Unemployed

April 7, 2014
About 7.4 million Americans – up from 7.2 million as of November – are working part-time but would like to be working full-time.

Rwanda's Women Make Strides 20 Years After the Genocide

April 7, 2014
A majority parliamentary presence, constitutional support, a drive to tackle gender-based violence – post-genocide Rwanda seems a good place to be a woman. But the reality is more complex.

Pat Fitzgerald Urges Against Union

April 6, 2014
Northwestern players will vote April 25 whether to form a union after the regional director of Chicago's National Labor Relations Board office ruled last month that players are employees of the school and have the right to unionize. Coach Fitzgerald is prohibited from making promises to players about benefits they would receive if they vote against unionizing. He also cannot make any threats or interrogate players on how they will vote.

[Quantum Computing Don't Get No Respect]

April 6, 2014
We have failed to make the honest case for quantum computing—the case based on basic science—because we’ve underestimated the public. We’ve falsely believed that people would never support us if we told them the truth: that while the potential applications are wonderful cherries on the sundae, they’re not and have never been the main reason to build a quantum computer. The main reason is that we want to make absolutely manifest what quantum mechanics says about reality

Why Inequality Matters and What Can Be Done About It

April 6, 2014
Next New Deal
We must be careful of how we measure our progress. If we use the wrong metrics, we will strive for the wrong things. Economic growth as measured by GDP is not enough—there is a growing global consensus that GDP does not provide a good measure of overall economic performance. What matters is whether growth is sustainable, and whether most citizens see their living standards rising year after year.

Full Employment Requires Job Growth in Manufacturing, Reduction in Trade Deficit

April 6, 2014
Roll Call
Output growth at the nation’s factories has [...] been weak since 2000. And though automation undoubtedly has displaced some workers in manufacturing, research suggests that persistent trade deficits and America’s decline as a location for production have accounted for much of the sector’s job loss. Boosting exports or reducing imports enough to bring trade into balance would generate 4.2 million jobs directly and another 2.1 million jobs indirectly.

`State of Black America': Dismal and Getting Worse

April 6, 2014
Los Angeles Wave
The dramatic and widening gap in household wealth along racial lines in the United States reflects policies and institutional practices that create different opportunities for whites and African-Americans. Personal ambition and behavioral choices are but a small part of the equation.

Today's Jobs Report and the Supreme Court's "McCutcheon" Debacle

April 5, 2014
The vast middle class and poor don't have enough purchasing power, as 95 percent of the economy's gains go to the top 1 percent. Some wealthy people and big corporations have a strangle-hold on our politics. "McCutcheon" makes that strangle-hold even tighter. Connect the dots and you see how the big-money takeover of our democracy has lead to an economy that's barely functioning for most Americans.

Cuba Denounces 'Secret Twitter' As Proof of US Cyber-War

April 4, 2014
Aprril 4, 2014
Associated Press Via The Guardin (UK)
State news agency aligns covert ZunZuneo program with other 'anti-Cuban' plots including failed Bay of Pigs invasion