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Voters Want Tax Day To Look Different for Billionaires

Amy Matsui Common Dreams
New polling from the National Women’s Law Center and MomsRising found that nearly 80% of respondents supported increasing investments in the caregiving agenda by raising taxes on the wealthiest and big corporations.

Trumpism Is a Small Business Owner’s Revolt

Chris Dite Jacobin
The MAGA movement changed its strategy after January 6, attempting to seize control of the Republican Party from the bottom up. Finish What We Started follows the Right’s long march through America’s political institutions.

This Week in People’s History, Apr 16–22

A drawing of "Justice" being tortured
U.S. Torture Exposed, not Punished (in 2009), Dixie Demands “Bread or Blood!” (1864), Wasn’t That a Time? (1959), Justice Delayed Isn’t Justice (1989), An Unforgettable Song (1939), Why the U.S. Lost in Vietnam (1969), How the U.S. Was Built (1889)

Why Is It So Hard To Unionize a Bar? It’s Complicated.

Gabe Del Valle Punch
Death & Co.’s recent union drive could have made history. But the failed effort underscores the challenges that come with unionizing bar staff, even as restaurants, cafés and hotels see an uptick in labor organizing.