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Circus Science

Susan Salaz Lady Science
Physics is what powers the beautiful circus machine, even if the audience is completely oblivious.

What Art Can Do

Lin-Manuel Miranda The Atlantic
What artists can do is bring stories to the table that are unshakably true—the sort of stories that, once you’ve heard them, won’t let you return to what you thought before.

Sewing Dissent with Textile Artist Diana Weymar

Celestina Billington The Indypendent
framed handkerchief with embroidery The words, stitched in black, glare out from the center of a handkerchief, decorated with a motif of pink roses: “Oh, my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my Presidency. I’m fucked.”

Frida Kahlo: Communist, Feminist, Global Commodity

Lauren Kaori Gurley The Indypendent
A look at a new and extensive retrospective of the outstanding Mexican artist’s work at New York’s Brooklyn Museum through more than 350 objects shows Kahlo’s political and artistic life in all of its complexities and contradictions.
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