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How Israeli Banks Finance Theft of Palestinian Land

Ali Abunimah The Electronic Intifada
new Jewish settlers housing displacing Palestinian village The Aamer family owns about 100 acres of land just half a kilometer from their home village of Mas’ha. But that land now lies on the other side of Israel’s apartheid wall in the occupied West Bank.

Sins of the Fatcat

Andrew Cockburn Harpers
... most people are aware that Wall Street crashed the economy and rode out of town scot-free, collecting unimaginably huge bonuses along the way. But vagueness breeds passivity. Fortunately, we now have Bob Ivry’s Seven Sins of Wall Street as an indispensable guide for tracking down live villains and unburied bodies. By the time you reach the end, all the sheer fury anyone with the merest flutter of a moral pulse felt back in 2008/2009 wells up again, white hot.
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