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Tidbits - July 13, 2017 - Reader Comments: Trump's Revisionist History; Ransacking the Public Sector; Chile then, Venezuela Today; Beatriz at Dinner; Model Labor Resolution Against Cuban Blockade; New Book on Baseball's Radicals; and more...

Reader Comments: Trump's Revisionist History - Poland; Ransacking the Public Sector; Democracy in Chains; Paul Robeson; Chile then, Venezuela Today; Beatriz at Dinner; San Francisco Labor Against Cuban Blockade - Example for labor; Painters Union Calls for Release of Two Union Members from ICE Detention; New Book on Baseball's Radicals; Reality Winner Defense Launched; Global Platform for the Right to the City; National Screening: Arc of Justice-July 20th; and more...

Why the World Series Is Tainted by Racism

Brian Ward The Nation
Cleveland's baseball team flaunts the most spectacularly racist logo in professional sports. When the American League Championship series shifted to Toronto, a First Nations activist, Douglas Cardinal, went to Ontario court to bar the logo from being worn while the team played in Toronto, deeming the name and logo to be violations of the Ontario Human Rights code. Major League Baseball and the Cleveland Indians' front office sent 27 lawyers to challenge this.

Tidbits - October 6, 2016 - Reader Comments: UE Calls for Trump Defeat; Fact Checking Pence; Israel Seizes Women's Boat to Gaza; Women of Salt of the Earth; New York's Muslim Communities; and more...

Reader Comments: UE Calls for Trump Defeat; Fact Checking Pence; Israel Seizes Women's Boat to Gaza and 13 dangerous women - What you can do; Who to Vote For-Lessons from the Past for Leftists; Prison Strike Continues-Now Joined by Alabama Prison Guards; Reader query - why did you use certain sources in your labor post?; Cubs and Socialism; Public Option; The Women of Salt of the Earth; Announcements: Labor and Islam; NYPD Surveillance of New York's Muslim Communities

The Chicago Cubs and Socialism

Harry Targ Diary of a Heartland Radical
ubs in the World Series. Yes it could be! Who would have thought a Brooklyn-born socialist senator from Vermont, would win 13 million votes, capturing 23 primaries and caucuses; that a scrappy senior would inspire the youth of the country, and a whole country? Who would have thunk it? Can the Cubs also inspire their fans, and keep hope alive? Can the Cubs capture the spirit of the country as we prepare for the November elections? Yes we can has new meaning this year!

How Politics Played a Major Role in the Signing of Jackie Robinson

Chris Lamb The Conversation
Branch Rickey certainly deserves credit for confronting his fellow owners and their racist attitudes by signing Jackie Robinson and, in doing so, advancing the cause of civil rights. However, there is more to this story than Rickey and Robinson. In fact, the desegregation of baseball came after a decade-long campaign by black and left wing journalists and activists.

Challenging Major League Baseball's New Managerial Color Line

Dave Zirin The Nation
With zero African-American managers and only one Latino manager, baseball needs an affirmative-action policy with actual teeth. And now we are all the way back to where we started. It's time for change: a change many thought had already been achieved. Rob Manfred: You're up.


Dusty and Jimi

Charles Bethea The New Yorker
Pro baseball player and coach Dusty Baker was a teenage rock and roller. His new memoir details those years, centered on the legendary Monterey Pop Festival, where Jimi Hendrix played his way to stardom. Charles Bethea profiles Baker in advance of his memoir of those year of hanging out with a host of legendary musicians and learning how rock and roll is like baseball.
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