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No Victory Awaits Israel in Rafah. Only More Death and Destruction

Gideon Levy Haaretz
The call "No to Rafah" is heard only from Washington, not Kaplan Street. The call "No to Rafah" is still not strong enough even from Washington. It is not yet joined by concrete threats. Only Washington can save Rafah now, and Rafah must be saved.

The Great Rupture in American Jewish Life

Peter Beinart New York Times
For the last decade or so, an ideological tremor has been unsettling American Jewish life. Since Oct. 7, it has become an earthquake. It concerns the relationship between liberalism and Zionism....

The Marginal Realists of Standing Together

Harold Meyerson The American Prospect
An all-too-rare organization of Israeli Palestinians and Jews works for an unfantastical solution to the enduring conflict. What sets Standing Together apart is the realism that informs their strategy, politically marginal as that realism now may be.

Schumer Spoke for Diaspora Jews

Harold Meyerson The American Prospect
Schumer was giving voice to what most Democratic officeholders believed but were afraid to say, and he clearly had the blessing of President Biden to go ahead and make that speech. It also showed the divide between Israeli Jews and diaspora Jews.

Israel Must Change Its Policy on Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

Sen. Bernie Sanders interviewed by Margaret Brennan CBS Face the Nation
Sen. Bernie Sanders, said Sunday the Biden administration needs to make clear to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that if his government wants to continue to receive U.S. support, Israel must change its policy on humanitarian aid to Gaza.

The Shoah After Gaza

Pankaj Mishra London Review of Books
The dark meaning the Israeli state has drawn from the Shoah, and then institutionalized in a machinery of repression. Anyone calling attention to the spectacle of Washington’s blind commitment to Israel is accused of antisemitism, ignoring the Shoah.

‘We Are Very Close to an Eruption Taking Place in Israel’

Ehud Olmert Haaretz
Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on this week's Haaretz Podcast says for Ben-Gvir, Smotrich and Netanyahu, Gaza is only the beginning - they are aiming for "Armageddon, that will make it possible to expel many of the Palestinians in the West Bank."
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