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Black History Is Also America’s History: A Reading List

And it’s America’s labor history, too. It’s coming together to fight for freedom and justice. Our Civil, Human and Women’s Rights Department has put together a list of recommended reading for the month.

The Black Working Class Can No Longer Be Ignored

Akil Vicks Jacobin
Across the political spectrum, Americans whitewash the working class and exclude labor struggle from black history. Blair LM Kelley’s Black Folk: The Roots of the Black Working Class is a necessary corrective — and provides lessons for struggle today

Haymarket Books Fights Back Against Republican Attacks on Educational Freedom

Ramenda Cyrus The American Prospect
This lefty publisher is giving out censored books for free in Florida. We know that books in and of themselves don't change the world. But people reading together, learning together, organizing together; people coming together to know these ideas, and to think about how our side wins is actually dangerous.
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