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Protest and Survive: Reclaiming William Morris from Britain’s Nuclear Fleet

David Mabb Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Anyone even remotely familiar with Morris’s life and work will understand why it’s a little shocking that the Royal Navy has used his prints in nuclear submarines. A well-known leftist, Morris became highly critical of Britain’s imperialist ambitions during the 1880s and actively campaigned as a communist, speaking at demonstrations and rallies across the country.

Jets and Predators - Report from Germany

Victor Grossman Portside
Germany is constitutionally barred from foreign missions but that never bothered anyone in the government. Germany's rulers, in coalition armchairs or skulking in lobbies behind them, are very determined to expand political, economic and military power, not just in Europe but to far distant shores as well. Some dangerous bombs from the last century are still found in Germany; they must be defused. This applies equally to dangerous ideas.

A Historic Vote on Palestine in the British Parliament

David Hearst Huffington Post
Gone is the rose-tinted vision of Israel as an island of democracy in a sea of irrational and violent Arabs. Gone is the belief that Israel wants to negotiate, if only it could find a partner to talk to. Gone, too, is the notion that there is symmetry in this conflict, that this is a battle between equal forces.

Britain's Dirty War in Ireland Exposed

Jerry Adams The Guardian (UK)
A BBC Panorama show reveals how in this conflict, like in other colonial wars, politicians surrendered power to the generals, at a deadly cost
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