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How the War on Poverty Stalled

Kim Phillips-Fein The New Republic
The study of poverty has flourished in recent decades. Why haven’t the lives of the poor improved?

As Deals Go, This Is One of Them

David Dayen The American Prospect
The slings and arrows in this agreement result from the failure to solve the debt ceiling in 2022 when Democrats controlled the government. It generally makes things a little bit worse. That this is seen as progress is a sad commentary on Washington.

Scranton Teachers Will Go on Strike

Diane Ravitch Diane Ravitch's blog
The Scranton Federation of Teachers, representing more than 800 teachers and paraprofessionals, announced today that it will set up picket lines and go on strike at 12:01 a.m., Nov. 3. The union has been working under a contract that expired in 2017

Andrew Cuomo's Power Grab Is Off Camera

Erin George, Ravi Mangla Our Future
Cuomo gifted himself “rolling budget adjustment” powers, which allows him to make cuts on a quarterly basis with little to no oversight. Meanwhile, he refuses to raise taxes on his billionaire donors which could fill the budget gap.
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